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  • Start Date 12/06/2020
  • Start Time 14:00
  • End Date 12/06/2020
  • End Time 17:00
  • Location Online

About the Training

This is not the economics class you took in University. Economics for Entrepreneurs will take you step by step in the process of starting, and  growing a successful business by evaluating market demand, wrestling with pricing strategy, and looking to identify ways to differentiate your business in the marketplace. You will learn to apply the fundamental concepts of economics to critical business decisions and powerful tools to compete successfully

This online course will help you understand how businesses think about pricing and production and equip you to apply powerful ideas like complements and network effects to generate demand. This course also dives into the functioning of markets, the force of competition, and strategies for differentiation.

Gain the Knowledge and Skills Needed to Craft Successful Business Strategy

Economics for Entrepreneurs will enable you to drive critical business decisions. Explore how businesses approach pricing strategy, evaluate market demand, and differentiate their offerings, and how you can apply those learning to compete in the marketplace successfully.


The progression from an individual to a managerial role can be daunting. Mastering the art and science of effective management requires a critical set of skills that can transform the complex task of management into something notably achievable.

Economics for Entrepreneurs  is essential entrepreneurship  training that is designed to prepare you for your new management role and is structured specifically for individuals that are looking to develop their skills to lead high performing teams.


Understand Your Challenges as an Emerging Entrepreneurs

Recognize what your current and potential challenges are as an emerging entrepreneurs, find effective solutions, and take full advantage of new opportunities.

Develop Your Leadership Style

Harness and evolve your leadership and communication style to successfully lead through rapport and inspire and engage your team.

Become a More Effective Manager

Discover the secrets to effectively time manage and delegate tasks to your team enabling you to prioritize and make quality decisions.

Create Dynamic Teams

Understand how to structure and manage teams for best results, including how to effectively work with and manage geo-distributed teams.

Learn to Hire, Fire, and Manage Talent – Without Drama

Learn to successfully identify, assess, attract, and retain talent as well as how to hire and fire quickly and professionally – without the threat of a lawsuit.

What You’ll Learn 

Customer Demand: Foundations


  • Understand the relationship between willingness to pay and price
  • Determine a revenue-maximizing pricing strategy using the concept of elasticity

Key Exercises

  • Construct supply and demand curves for individuals and markets and analyze the impact of market changes
  • Quiz

Strategies for Assessing and Increasing Demand


  • Evaluate techniques to learn about or increase demand and measure the tradeoffs and suitable applications of each approach
  • Appreciate how complements and network effects     impact demand

Key Exercises

  • Explore the dynamics of different forms of auctions
  • See how conjoint analysis can be used to understand customer preferences
  • Quiz

Suppliers and Cost


  • Understand fixed versus variable costs
  • Understand economies of scale

Key Exercises

  • Predict market structure by examining various costs and cost structures
  • Evaluate options by performing a relative cost analysis
  • Quiz



  • Apply market principles to analyze industries in which no traditional market functions

Key Exercises

  • Identify value creation and decompose its distribution to illustrate how trade occurs
  • Examine the competitive landscape by differentiating long- and short-run market outcomes and forces
  • Quiz

Competition and Differentiation


  • Assess monopolies and price discrimination
  • Understand different strategies for differentiation

Key Exercises

  • Explore competitive differentiation through the example of rival pizzerias setting price and location
  • Quiz

Certification Fees 

$9.99 – an Individual
$37.99 – 5 Participants
$54.99 – 10 Participants

Payment Deadline: 6th November, 2020

Printable Certificates in Economic for Entrepreneurs will be sent via emails

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Dr. Silky Gupta (Professor of Economics) 

Author of Book Journey of Indian Currency (ISBN 978-620-0-50513-2), PhD in Economics, Certified from Columbia University USA in Economics of Money and Banking. Reviewer and Member of Scopus Indexed and UGC Approved International Journals, Certified from International Monetary Fund in Public Financial Management, Certified from National Research University Higher School of Economics Russia in Business Strategies for Emerging Markets, Certified from World Bank Group in Unlocking Investment in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies, Certified from University of Virginia USA in (Statistics for Researchers: Understanding Mediation, Moderation and Beyond). Certified from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Monetary Policy in Asia Pacific. Certified from World Bank Group in (The Future of Work: Preparing for Disruption). Certified from University of California IRVINE USA in English Academic Listening and Note-Taking Course, Certified from Arizona State University USA in Teach English Now (Foundational Principals, Theories of Second Language Acquisition, Lesson Design and Assessment, Second Language Reading, Writing and Grammar, Second Language Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation, Capstone Project 1), Certified from National Institute of Security Management in Mutual Fund Distribution. Certified from British Council in IELTS


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