Event Details

  • Start Date 11/20/2020
  • Start Time 12:40
  • End Date 09/26/2019
  • End Time 15:00
  • Location Online


While women have made substantial gains in the business world, today’s workplace has yet to embrace female forms of power and leadership fully, nor leverage the unique perspective and strengths that women can bring to the table.

Led by Faculty Director, this two-day women leadership training will help you achieve a new level of confidence and a greater sense of ownership over your own leadership potential.

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills
Leverage influence, diagnose situations, and master successful negotiation tactics to reach your leadership potential.
Understand The Women’s Perspective in Business
Learn the influences of gender on the way power and leadership are experienced and leverage your unique perspective to solve personal, organizational, and global problems.
Acquire New Tools to Cultivate Personal Fulfillment from Work
Discover tools to achieve work-life balance and reap greater rewards and personal satisfaction from your work.
Establish a Strong Professional Network
Learn tactics for building effective, supportive professional relationships and networks.
Develop Problem-Solving Skills
Analyze current personal career challenges to develop problem-solving skills for immediate application.
Co-Host:  Open Chamber